Monday, April 20, 2009

My Swing Set plan

OK. Here is another update. I had to take the roof off and do some other stuff to make it more stable, then i got the roof back on, with some modifications, and added the lookout. Going to hopefully finish the look-out and ladder tonight. We'll see.

Here is the progress so far. Got two swings up last night. Will get the other swing up tonight and start working on the ladder and rockwall and hopefully get the lookout area finished. Just need more time in the day.

UPDATE! This is the progress on my play set. Not quite done yet, but getting there. As you can see I had to flip it from my original plan, but it's still basically the same.

So I am going to build mi kids a swing set/playhouse. So I designed it in Maya and rendered it out. Now I just have to make it a reality.


derkus said...

It looks like it is leaning a little.... get a match book or sugar packet to level it out.

derkus said...

Mike, you hear about that little kids that was playing on his swing set and the powerline fell onto the swing set?
Maybe you should install some rubber on that set, just a precaution.
7-11 Tell Slurpee Happy b-day