Friday, June 27, 2008

bye bye comics.

i'm giving up on comics. I don't find anything funny anymore. Everything is just one big depressing blob of depression. Like a blob that falls from the sky and covers everything with its blobbiness. <---I just made up that word... cause it is underlined in red, that's how I know that either I spleled it wrong or it is not a word. In this case, I KNOW I spelled "blobbiness" correctly, so it must not be a word. so depressed.


Ken said...

Ah, man, don't give up on comics! You have a great sense of humor and loads of talent. I have checked here a couple of times for a new comic since I left.

You REALLY need to find yourself a new job! Your current one is sucking the life right out of you, just as it did me and others there.

Good luck, I hope you keep pressing forward!

p.s. I thought it humorous that you misspelled the word spelled!!

Michael Murdock said...

I'm glad that I have ONE loyal reader.